PLAINVILLE -- After working for 20 years as a customer service representative at KN Energy, Nadine Bair retired in 1995.

Now it's family and volunteer work that keeps her as busy as she wants to be.

"I'm just an ordinary person. I like to keep busy," Bair said.

She volunteers at the Rooks County Health Center and has been a member of the hospital auxiliary for about 10 years, serving as vice president, secretary and treasurer. She helps with the bloodmobile, gift shop, bake sales and the memorial lights at Christmas.

Bair received the Elvera Bieker Community Hospital Volunteer of the Year award at the volunteer luncheon in April.

The hospital isn't the only place she volunteers. She's been the Christian Church treasurer for about eight years.

Family always has been a big part of Bair's life. She lives just 2.5 miles from where she was born on a farm south of Plainville.

"I have four girls, eight grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren," she said.

Two daughters and one granddaughter live in Plainville, so she sees them pretty often.

She occasionally babysits for family, but with most living far away, those requests are few.

When she's not volunteering, gardening and crocheting tablecloths, afghans and name pieces for family occupy her time.

"I've always had a big garden. Last year we didn't have anything to can, but I still make salsa and can tomatoes," Bair said.