Longtime Walmart cart wrangler there for customers no matter the weather



Your mail man isn't the only one there, come rain or shine.

Whether it's 110 degrees in the shade or cold enough to see your breath, Brent Legleiter has been a cart wrangler at Walmart the past three years.

On a frosty morning earlier this month, Legleiter was rounding up carts in the parking lot. He had on coveralls and a cap and gloves -- and a bushy beard, too.

"I prefer the cold, myself," said Legleiter, 33. "I hate the heat. Used to be the other way around. The older I'm getting, I prefer to be in the cold."

There's a method to the madness of rounding up carts. There usually are three on duty on a shift, and the parking lot is divided up among them. Then it's just a matter of scouting out where the carts are and hauling them back inside the store.

"I tend the find the (cart racks) that are getting fuller," Legleiter said. "A lot of times I'll weave through (a row of cars), then through the other side" to pick up stray carts.

Making it easier is a wheeled cart manager that can accommodate approximately 20 carts at a time and pushes them up the slight incline to the store. The cart is controlled by a remote control and has two speeds.

"You got to make sure they're snug together," Legleiter said of arranging the carts.

Still, there are times when carts are brought inside the old-fashioned way: manually pushing them inside the store.

Legleiter has an idea how many carts he hauls on a typical shift.

"I actually counted them on a slow Tuesday afternoon; I had 808," he said. "On a busy day, I would estimate probably 2,000 -- a lot of carts."

Also a lot of miles.

"I put on a pedometer once, and in a nine-hour day I put on 21 miles," Legleiter said.

Legleiter said he likes his job.

"I like seeing the people, getting to help the community."