Her name might be Stormy, but Stormy Boisvert's life is smooth sailing these days.

Boisvert, the mother of two daughters, is engaged to be married and works as a para-teacher at Reed Development Center.

"I love it," she said of her job. "I feel like I found my calling. They're so wonderful here. I love working with the individuals."

The Reed Center is a college for living for the individuals who attend. Each one of the four teachers is encouraged by their supervisor to share what they're interested in such as sports, history or pets in their classroom, Boisvert said.

Approximately 40 individuals spend a part of their day in her classroom filled with music and creativity.

"I do as many arts and creative classes as I can come up with," she said. "We're always doing some hands-on projects."

Boisvert is working to foster interaction between the individuals in her classroom and members of the community, by inviting guests to visit her classroom.

"I think it's enriching their lives here. ... They get so excited," she said.

She also is teaching a photography class, and the students take photos of places they go in their everyday lives.

This is Boisvert's first time working with this population, but her rapport with them was evident when one of the individuals stopped by the room to pick up a game.

"She's a good teacher and ornery," he said with a grin.

Boisvert and daughters Olivia Blachet, a Hays High School junior, and Emma Blachet, a Fort Hays State University student, moved to Hays from Maine in 2008.

Maine is beautiful, but she missed her parents and sister who moved to Kansas in 2000, Boisvert said.

Boisvert and her fiance, Jeff Groneweg, are planning an October wedding.

"He's an amazing man. I'm blessed to have met him."