In her retirement, Marcy McClelland avoids being bored by being involved with boards.

McClelland, who retired in 2005 after working in human resources at Developmental Services of Northwest Kansas, does some knitting and quilting. But in 2006, she started attending Ellis County Commission meetings and has been going to them ever since. She usually sits in the back row.

"I think that is part of my duty as an Ellis County citizen," McClelland said.

When McClelland started going to the meetings, the reason was her interest in the wind farm debate that was raging at the time in the county.

"There was some controversy over some wind development," said McClelland, who traces her ancestry to a grandfather who came to the United States from Austria. "It was very interesting to me, because I would like to see wind development in this county."

Another wind project sailed through the Ellis County Joint Planning Commission and Ellis County Commission earlier this year. McClelland, who lives in Hays, has land northwest of the city where turbines could be located as part of the Buckeye Wind Project.

McClelland is glad to see the wind project at Fort Hays State University near completion. She believes wind energy is a part of the county's future. She also now is in a position to shape the future, being recently appointed to the joint planning commission.

"I would like to do my part on the planning commission and help economic development in Ellis County," she said. "However, I also believe that we need stuff for agriculture, because we've got to feed the world."

McClelland also serves on the Ellis County Farm Bureau board and also is actively involved in the Bukovina Society in Ellis, which has a celebration Saturday.