Most 12-year-olds don't spend their time worrying about water quality in developing countries.

Isabelle Braun lives with her inspiration. Braun's 6-year-old adopted sister, Mabel, was born in Ghana.

Jessica Braun, Isabelle's mother, said she and Isabelle visited the African country and saw firsthand how unsafe water ruins lives.

"The well water they used to bathe and cook with looked like our pond water," Jessica said. "They were urinating blood."

Isabelle said she was reading on the Internet about other people responding to the water crisis, and she wanted to contribute. Charity:water, a nonprofit that puts 100 percent of donations towards its water projects, gave her the opportunity.

Isabelle's profile on the organization's website said she is using her Nov. 13 birthday to raise money.

"I recently learned that millions of kids around the world don't live to see their fifth birthday because they don't have access to clean, safe drinking water," Isabelle wrote. "We can help change that."

Charity:water's efforts have given 3.3 million people access to clean water in 20 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Central America and South America, according to its website.

Curt Braun, Isabelle's father, said he is proud of his daughter's philanthropy.

"It's awesome. She surprised the heck out of me," Curt said. "Who wants to give their birthday presents up for someone else?"

Isabelle said she wants to raise $1,185 because the nonprofit set $1,184 as her goal. The campaign began Oct. 8, and it has already raised $528 as of Nov. 10, according to her website.

Donations can be made online at until Dec. 31.