Ken Windholz isn't hard to spot in a crowd with his shaved head and large, dark-rimmed glasses.

But the Hays man, whose professional career as a psychologist spans nearly 40 years, insists he would rather be a "supporter" and an "enhancer" than the center of attention.

The booming voice heard announcing Fort Hays State University football and basketball games, as well as Hays Larks summer baseball games, is that of Windholz.

"I love sports, and that's a way to be able to contribute to the beauty of the game," Windholz said of announcing, which also takes care of his desire to be a radio announcer he had when he was younger.

"I've been able to do a lot of things that aren't necessarily a career, but fun," he said.

And Windholz does have fun.

He wanted to learn how to play a trumpet when he was in third grade, but "we couldn't afford one."

So Windholz took up drumming, because "drumsticks were a dollar a pair, and I could use the school's drums."

Drumming has taken him "many places, even all through Canada and to Europe," and Windholz has played in all kinds of bands, ranging from jazz to polka.

"I'll play drums for any (band)," he said.

Windholz, who studied art along with psychology and sociology in college, quotes his favorite artist, Vincent Van Gogh.

" 'The way to know life is to love many things,' is one of his quotes," said Windholz, who plans to continue living by that philosophy.

An accomplished photographer and a former power-lifter, Windholz teaches online psychology courses at FHSU.

While he does love many things, he admits they all seem to stem -- in one way or another -- from his profession as a psychologist.

"I love the close interaction with people one-on-one," he said. "That's when you can really get to know someone.

"The individual matters above all. That's something this profession gives me the opportunity to cultivate."