Crystalyn Oswald knew she would be sitting in a prosecutor's chair some day. She just didn't know which one.

Today, she's an assistant Ellis County attorney and is anxious to get in the courtroom.

"I always kind of knew what I wanted to do," she said of being a prosecutor.

Of course, she had to get past the idea of being a detective.

That didn't take long, however, after she was exposed to the idea of law and serving as a prosecutor.

Born and raised in Olathe, the 25-year-old Oswald started working for the county attorney's office in late December. With the holidays, it was soon after the first of the year before she really got started.

She graduated in May from the University of Kansas Law School, taking and passing her bar exam soon after. She was sworn in as a lawyer in September, a bright day for her.

She spent time in an internship at the Douglas County District Attorney's office, working mostly in the traffic division but getting a chance to work on other cases along the way.

But that's when she saw a posting on the Kansas District Attorney's Association website, and Ellis County Attorney Tom Drees was looking for a prosecutor.

The rest is history, and Oswald actively is handling a variety of cases, from traffic to felonies involving people.

As she gains more experience, Oswald hopes to handle even bigger cases.

And just as she knew what she wanted to do, Oswald knows her interest is on the prosecution side of the table where she's interested in justice.

Serving as a prosecutor provides a "wide range of discretion," she said.

"I see that as a way to do justice," she said.