RUSH CENTER -- The hamburger grill at Effie's soon will run cold.

But its a seasonal shutdown, like so many in past year when Effie Crowell closes for the summer.

This year, she's planning on taking a bit of a vacation, heading back to where her parents hailed from.

But retirement still isn't on her immediate to-do list.

"I'm going to be 90 on July 10," Crowell said as she put the fixings for her namesake Effie Burger on the grill. "But I'm not retiring."

But when the Rush Center restaurant closes for the summer, she and a granddaughter will be traveling to see family near St. Joseph, Mo.

"That's where my folks grew up," Effie said. "They brought me out when I was 2 years old."

She's been in the Rush Center area since, and the owner and only cook at Effie's since 1965.

She draws in the coffee crowd in the morning, but they get their own coffee and put their cups in the sink.

Business gets brisk when she opens for lunch, where her Effie Burger and french fries are a top choice.

She'll close for the summer June 28, planned to let her travel a bit and get things done around the house.

She plans to reopen -- as she always does -- the first Monday in November.

Crowell long has refused to even think about retirement.

"I tell them they might have to push me around in a wheelchair, but I'll be back," Crowell said as she flipped the burgers on the grill.

"Both my kids say I should retire," she admits. "I've got some good customers. Anytime I need anything, they help."

Her only challenge, she said, is a continuing problem with her feet, not helped by standing in the kitchen much of the day.

"When your feet hurt, you hurt all over," she said.