TIMKEN -- Cyrill "Bud" Pivonka isn't about to turn loose of his humor, even though he's pretty much given up on golf.

But after making a hole-in-one six times at La Crosse Country Club, he's got plenty to look back on.

Pivonka Implement, started long ago by his father, offers plenty more memories.

That's why he couldn't stand seeing the grass getting so tall outside the building that once housed the dealership. So rather than ride along with Melva, his wife of 67 years, Pivonka decided it was time to mow.

He's a lifelong resident of Timken.

"About 90 years," he said of his age.

He was gone from the area for a while, serving in the military during World War II and then again for the Korean War, serving on a mine sweeper.

He was released from the military in 1946 after World War II and "got married that December."

"I got called back in 1950," he said of the Korean War.

He was released two years later.

He headed back to Timken in 1953, ultimately taking over Pivonka Implement from his father.

"Originally it was Timken Motor Co.," he said, selling Ford cars and Baldwin combines.

When they took on John Deere, it changed to Pivonka Implement and expanded into La Crosse in 1972.

"We moved up to La Crosse," Pivonka said of opening a shop in the county seat.

After seven years, he sold out and retired.

Today, Timken's Pivonka Implement no longer is active, although there's still several John Deere parts inside, and coveralls bearing Bud's name hang from a wall in the parts room.

"We're starting in on our 67th year," he said of his marriage. "Still living in our own home. We built that home in 1960.

"She put up with a lot."

He's also proud of the 1939 Timken High School basketball team taking second place in the state.

"I used to be 6-1," he said. "I lost a lot of inches."

After he retired, Pivonka switched his focus to La Crosse Country Club.

"When I retired, I took care of the La Crosse Country Club," Pivonka said. "I used to play golf six days a week. My wife was a golf widow."

He's not playing now, but he said he made a hole-in-one six times at La Crosse.

After chatting, he headed back to his Marty J mower and kicked it in gear.

Soon, he stopped.

"We used to sell these things," Pivonka said. "This is a 1975 model. Still good. The same motor in it."