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And the winners are ...


The complete list of regional qualifiers from Sunday's Ellis County 4-H Day in Victoria, and their club, is below. Regional 4-H Day with competitors from several area counties is March 28 at WaKeeney.

* Junior-intermediate demonstrations/illustrated talks -- Emma Pope, Bits 'N Spurs; Dustin Rajewski, Gemini Juniors. Alternates: Colton Vajnar, Good Hope; Grace Pope, Bits 'N Spurs.

* Senior demonstrations/illustrated talks -- Jaylinn Pfeifer, Bits 'N Spurs; Elizabeth Smith Moore, Gemini Juniors. Alternates: Konner Buxton, Bits 'N Spurs; Aubry Appelhans, Bits 'N Spurs.

* Public speaking -- Mesa Eckroat, Bits 'N Spurs; Conrad Vajnar, Good Hope.

* Junior-intermediate project talks -- Ross Eckroat, Bits 'N Spurs; Cadence Dickey, Bits 'N Spurs. Alternates: Eva Gaschler, Bits 'N Spurs; Colton Lane, Bits 'N Spurs.

* Senior readings -- Rylee Torline, Ellis Sunflowers; Elizabeth Smith Moore, Gemini Juniors.

* Junior readings -- Dustin Rajewski, Gemini Juniors; Kirk Huser, Bits 'N Spurs. Alternate: Anna Kuhn, Ellis Sunflowers.

* Senior music solo -- Katy Walters, instrumental/piano, Buckeye Junior Farmers; Elizabeth Smith Moore, vocal, Gemini Juniors. Alternate: Jaylinn Pfeifer, instrumental, Bits 'N Spurs.

* Junior music solo -- Emma Pope, instrumental/piano, Bits 'N Spurs. Alternate: Zoe Buffington, instrumental, Good Hope.

* Dance -- Kimberly Sack, Buckeye Junior Farmers. Alternate: Cadence Dickey, Bits 'N Spurs.

* Skits -- Victoria Vikings.