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Garden day celebrates families




Son of Kathy Kenwright

Families were celebrated Saturday before Mother's Day during Bethesda Place's second annual Garden Day Fundraiser.

Young families strolled through the 35-acre wooded property as they participated in activities. A scavenger hunt challenged attendees to collect certain leaves, take photos with such items as a chicken and a stone angel, find a hidden plastic egg, hula hoop, balance on a log and plant corn seeds.

The afternoon also included a burrito picnic lunch, a bluegrass/gospel concert and a program to honor mothers.

Amanda Tippy, a Bethesda volunteer and daughter of the founders, said she organized the event because a similar event was held last year to celebrate her mother's retirement. Aside from showcasing the capabilities of the men with mental disabilities who reside at the nonprofit, the event invites the public to appreciate the grounds.

"They built a beautiful place, but we don't want to be selfish with it," Tippy said. "They get to enjoy it every day, but the community should get to enjoy it at least once or twice a year."

The role of families in society is crucial, Tippy said.

"Your family is everything," she said. "It creates who you're going to be, and what you're going to do, and if we want good citizens and powerful churches and anything, then that has to start with your family."

Tippy said her mother, Shelley Stafford, was instrumental in shaping her life.

"My mom is important to me because she has created a family environment and a home environment that doesn't just encourage people to flourish, but almost demands life to flourish," she said.

Patti Park, Hays, attended the event with her three children and husband, Allen.

"It's a beautiful day to be outside," Patti said.

Allen Park said the outdoor setting and planned activities made Bethesda an appealing outing.

Proceeds from the fundraiser went toward the nonprofit.