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Broncos fans ready to cheer their team





It's easy to spot the Shaun Musil family's home: It's the one proudly flying a Denver Broncos flag in Kansas City Chiefs territory.

When the Broncos defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs two years ago, Musil ran down the street in his Hays neighborhood, madly waving that same flag.

Such is the life of a die-hard football fan, one whose favorite team will play in Super Bowl XLVIII today against the Seattle Seahawks.

Musil, who works as a warehouse supervisor in Victoria for Coca-Cola and is a Hays city commissioner, will be all business today. He will be watching the game in his lucky seat while wearing his lucky Broncos shirt, and eating chips and salsa from Gutierrez Cocina Mexicana -- he had chips and salsa from the restaurant the last time the Broncos won the Super Bowl.

"It seemed to work the last time," Musil said with a laugh.

"We've been invited to a couple parties, but we are not going, I guess," said Shaun's wife, Heather. "We're staying here."

Musil and his wife have three children: Brandon, 11; Corey, 8; and Meghan, 2. The boys are big Broncos fans like their dad, and little Meghan wears her Broncos cheerleader outfit on game days. Heather admits she wasn't much of a sports fan when she met Shaun, and still isn't die-hard like her husband, who bought her a Broncos shirt to wear for today's big game.

"I don't have time to sit and watch," Heather Musil said, but she will watch on Sundays -- at least part of the game -- when the Broncos are on TV.

"She's a big supporter, of everything," Shaun Musil said.

When Corey moved into Brandon's former bedroom after his older brother moved downstairs, it was Mom who painted the room back to Broncos colors. Heather first painted the bedroom in Denver's colors when Brandon was in kindergarten. But Brandon started to like LaDainian Tomlinson, then the star running back for the San Diego Chargers. So Mom painted the room in the Chargers' colors. Then last summer, Heather painted it back to the Broncos' colors for Corey.

Corey transformed his bedroom into everything Broncos, with pictures and paintings and memorabilia scattered everywhere for him to see while he falls asleep in his bed, tucked inside his Broncos blanket.

Shaun took the boys to a Broncos home game this year, a Thursday night contest in which Denver suffered a rare home loss to the Chargers. Still, the brothers had a good time, and they had their pictures taken on the field after the game, their second one in person.

Shaun Musil still remembers his father taking him to his first Bronco game when he was 11, at old Mile High Stadium.

"It was awesome," Shaun Musil said.

Just as awesome -- and nerve-wracking -- is Denver back in the Super Bowl today.

"We're excited; we can't wait," Shaun Musil said. "I'll be ready for it to start."