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Business owner glad city taking action on storage-container issue





One Hays businessman has been part of the eight-month effort to enact change in rules governing portable shipping containers.

Scott Simpson, owner of Best Radiator, said he and other business owners waged a campaign to allow permanent use of portable shipping containers for storage. Understanding certain concerns, the entrepreneurs agreed to paint the units to match surrounding buildings, place them in the rear of properties and not stack them.

"The ordinance seemed to be solely based on aesthetics and had little to no consideration given to business, which is what fuels our economy," Simpson said. "That being said, myself and a number of other business owners got together and decided this needed addressed. It has taken a total of eight long months to get to where we are at now, so this change comes with much thought invested by all parties."

The business owner expects the changes to pass at Thursday's Hays City Commission meeting.

"I believe that city government and local business can work in harmony when all parties are willing to become mutually concerned about not only the welfare of each other but the promoting of business growth, which again fuels our local economy and provides jobs as well as taxes for city use," he said. "I believe we all want an attractive city, but we cannot pass or allow to stand ordinances that are prohibitive to healthy business growth. It's just not a good idea."