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Commission to discuss new meter fees





Debate about fee changes will be on the agenda at the Hays City Commission meeting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at city hall.

A proposal to increase the cost of installing water meters poses the widest effect. Set in the 1990s, the current fees are $440 to $1,790, depending on size, and the proposed new figures range from $1,500 to $4,250.

Commissioner Henry Schwaller IV opposed the resolution when it was discussed in last week's work session. Public opinion suggests building a home in Hays is expensive, and the measure only will increase the sticker shock, he said.

Schwaller recommended spreading the cost of installation among all water users through a marginal increase in water use fees.

There is another proposal to amend the city's code to sell water meters at an updated cost to contractors. The current fees are from $103.67 to $744.85, and the new ones would be $121 to $762.73.

The commissioners also will consider adjusting fees to cover boarding animals impounded by the Hays Police Department.

The Humane Society of the High Plains shelter charges the city $15 to impound an animal, as well as a $10 nightly fee, and the city only charges owners $20 to retrieve their pet. A proposed change would hold owners accountable for the cost the city incurred.

The commission also will debate raising tournament fees at Fort Hays Municipal Golf Course and discuss offering a special $16 daily rate for golfers 17-years-old and younger.