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19 inadvertently placed on high-usage water list


The city of Hays today apologized for its placement of 19 residential water users on a list of the top 100 users in the city.

The error was caused by the reporting system the city used inadvertently double-counting usage from the 19 when it was compiled in June.

"The error is unacceptable and inexcusable," Hays City Manager Toby Dougherty said in a press release. "I take full responsibility and apologize to these 19 customers for any inconvenience that has resulted from the publication of the list with their name included."

The users who should not have been included in the list were: Tom Thaemert, Scott Schneider, Ben Hammerschmidt, Michael Graham, Travis Rozean, Curt Kitson, Gerold Linenberger, Merlin Romme, Bob White, Chad Peterson, Roger Rohr, Greg Pfannenstiel, Marina Neira, Eric Schibi, Jeff Luebbers, Tim Herman, KC Western Investments, Austin Base and Adam Tabor.

"City of Hays staff has a duty to our customers to ensure errors like this are caught before they become part of the public record," Dougherty added. "I will do my best to ensure it does not happen in the future."