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County pores through budget numbers





The department heads had their say at Monday's special meeting of the Ellis County commissioners to discuss the 2014 budget.

Now, Ellis County Administrator Greg Sund will go over the budget again, before presenting it to the commissioners next month.

"Go back through it, look at all the numbers, see if there is anything I can revise, or ask some more questions to people, why the numbers are what they are," Sund said. "It's just a review process at this point.

"I didn't get any hard information from any of the commissioners what they would like to cut. Those types of discussions have to happen."

The final 2013 budget was $22,891,509. The preliminary 2014 budget is $24,691,978. Sund said he expects those numbers to change in the final budget.

"It's definitely not what we're going to end up with," he said.

The budget has to be published before the end of July. An additional meeting of the commissioners might be necessary, Sund said.

"It's possible we might have four meetings in July, so the last one is to approve the publication of the budget," Sund said.

At Monday's special meeting, Ellis County Emergency Management Director Bill Ring said he needed a newer vehicle, and added it was his understanding his department wasn't part of the capital improvement plan.

"I've asked him to submit information, like every other department head," Sund said. "I have no idea what he was told prior to me starting with the county, but I don't think the county ever had an official CIP before."

Ring said his current vehicle has difficulty hauling for great distances a trailer that can be used in case of emergencies.

"What I'm asking for, I need a newer vehicle," Ring said. "Either at the end of this year or next year, I would like to buy a newer vehicle. I'd like to look for a three-quarter ton, four-wheel drive pickup that we can then be able to respond to other things."

Sund said if there is enough money, Ring could purchase the vehicle.

"If there's not, we have to allocate more," Sund said.