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Joyce wants Independent voice in Washington





David Joyce, a trucker from Abilene, is running as an independent candidate in the Big First District race against Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan., for his place in the U.S. House.

The district contains 69 counties in western and central Kansas, making it one of the largest congressional districts in the country.

Joyce said he was running as an independent candidate because he believes the two-party system is tearing the country apart, although he believes in traditional Republican values.

"I don't believe the two-party system is good for our country," he said. "The majority of people I've talked to are sick of this constant gridlock."

In 2008, Joyce ran in Oklahoma as a test to see if it was possible for an Independent to receive votes.

He said he received close to 6 percent of the vote, giving him hope Americans might be looking for a non-partisan option.

"I want what's best for the district," Joyce said. "I don't want what's best for one particular party. I want to move forward without having to conform to a party's ideas."

Joyce graduated with degrees in business administration and economics from Mercer University but quickly gave up the white-collar lifestyle.

"I've always known I was more suited for the working class," he said. "I've worked in several different jobs, but I decided on trucker because it was one of the highest-paying, working class jobs."

He cited the economy as his top priority once in office since he said he wants to help get the nation out of debt.

"I have all these ideas for how our country should be run," Joyce said. "And the politicians in Washington aren't doing anything. I want to restore the American dream."

Joyce defined the American dream as a world where houses, cars and all expenses are paid for without accruing debt.

"When I was growing up, one in 15 people were able to reach the American dream," he said. "Now, it's one in 12,000."

Joyce said Americans never have lived without debt, and he wants to make the American dream a reality for all citizens.

"This country started in debt," he said. "Our country was first founded on borrowing money from France, and we haven't paid one penny of it back."

To contact Joyce, call him at (785)200-4864 or visit his Facebook page, David Joyce for U.S. House.