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Plainville welcomes discount store





PLAINVILLE -- Dollar General added a store in Plainville last month, adding to the list of area towns that have the small-box discount retail store.

Among area locations, Dollar General already has stores in Hays, Russell, WaKeeney, Hill City, Stockton, Phillipsburg and Norton.

"We really look at a variety of factors, including median income, population and how many potential customers live within a 10-minute drive of the front door," said Dan MacDonald, senior director of corporate communications. "For us, we thrive in small towns. We're sort of the fabric of small-town America.

"Our model is such that a store can do just fine in a community as small as 1,500 households. And 70 percent of our stores are in communities of less than 20,000 people."

Pam Normandin, Damar, was in the Plainville store for the second time recently.

"I really like it; it's nice," Normandin said. "The closest one was either Hill City or Stockton. It's nice to have one in between."

Normandin's cart was filled with snack food and various other items, including a wall hanging.

"I thought it was a good graduation gift," she said.

Dollar General has 11,000 stores in 40 states.

"A big part of our value proposition is convenience," MacDonald said. "We offer every-day low prices, the main brand items that people use and replenish on a regular basis, in a very convenient format.

"It's usually very easy to park very close to the front door, the stores are much smaller, so it's easier to find the things you're looking for. Our average shopper's in our store for 10 minutes, or less."