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Artwork propels Fort Hays student





The exhibit in Fort Hays State University's Moss-Thorns Gallery of Art is a vivid glimpse into the mind of an artist.

Sharon McCoy, a master of fine arts student at FHSU, said she has 46 pieces of art in her catalogue on display. Tufts of dandelion seeds from an oversized flower hang from the ceiling and float across the room. Sixty bees with distinct faces are frozen mid-flight on a wall.

The exhibit is McCoy's thesis project for her upcoming graduation. The show was featured on the recent Spring Art Walk, and guests visited from Florida, Texas and New Mexico.

Named "Propellere," the showcase's title comes from the Latin origin for the word propel. McCoy considered what inspires people for the theme of her project.

"Everyone I speak to and every communication, plus my own daydreams ... everyone I come in contact with inspires me in a different way," she said. "You've got to be careful what you say to me because it might turn up in artwork."

Many of the ceramic sculptures incorporate mixed media such as an egg beater, furniture pieces and construction foam. Her creations are stationed on pedestals, the floor, wall and in a cabinet.

The artwork is pictured in a children's poem book McCoy published, "What If?" The books are available for purchase.

Linda Ganstrom, FHSU professor of art and design, said the large dandelion releasing seeds through the room is intended to create a journey for observers. Artwork characters are positioned along the route to join the travelers in their imagination.

"She saw all of the works coming together to create sort of this fantasy for people to enter and consider daydreaming," Ganstrom said.

The exhibit is on display until May 16.