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Discussed changes valued at $67 million




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HTK Architects have put numbers to the USD 489 facilities needs committee's preliminary wish list.

The list was based on the assumption Rockwell Administration Building will be closed and Washington Elementary School re-purposed for central office staff, Westside School, The Learning Center and Early Childhood Connections.

The preliminary estimate is about $67 million. However, some items -- roof replacement and mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades -- could be paid out of the capital outlay budget or an energy savings program.

"All of the buildings would have some general renovation to them," said Zack Snethen, HTK project manager.

The list includes a new auditorium, technology classrooms, artificial turf on practice fields and district warehouse, copy center and shop at Hays High School.

Some committee members expressed interest in getting costs for adding a new gym at the high school.

Hays Middle School and Lincoln, Wilson and Roosevelt elementary schools would get new gyms and improved cafeterias and kitchens. O'Loughlin Elementary School would get a new cafeteria.

Most elementary schools would get classroom additions, including Washington for Early Childhood classes.

Other projects include remodeling building entries and offices to make them more secure.

Patrick Lowry, committee co-chair and The Hays Daily News publisher, asked if there is a "logical plan as to which parts you do first" in a multi-stage approach.

"With this amount of work ... each building would be its own project," Snethen said. "You would develop a sequence of most urgent needs."

The next committee meeting is at 7 a.m. Friday in the Toepfer Board Room in Rockwell Administration Center, 323 W. 12th.