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Popular Hays eatery has plans to expand





Golden Q Sports Bar & Grill in Hays is expanding across the street to offer breakfast and faster takeout service.

The restaurant at 809 Ash will expand to occupy the former Printcraft Printers building at 230 W. Ninth, said Brady Herman, Golden Q's general manager. The still unnamed location is expected to open in August.

"There's not really any breakfast on the south side of Hays, so it's kind of for everybody in town to enjoy," Herman said. "We kind of want to incorporate the students as well, somewhere to go before they go to class, somewhere to come eat while they study for a test."

Offering breakfast also provides diners more options, he said.

"I know, in my perspective, I really don't care to drive all the way ... out by I-70 just to get a nice breakfast," Herman said. "Especially on the weekends, and you're going to be waiting at least 30 minutes to an hour just to maybe even get seated sometimes."

The new site also will enable faster takeout orders because it will have a dedicated grill in addition to one for breakfast.

The restaurant's pickup service has "tremendously grown" during the past four years, he said. Hays Medical Center and car dealerships are among the top customers.

Focusing on the dining experience at the Golden Q will lead to faster service, he said.

"We want everybody to know that they can come in and order food and get their meal and still have plenty of time to get back to their jobs," he said.

A smoothie machine also might be added.

"It's just another wonderful addition to what they're already doing," said Megan Colson, executive director for the Downtown Hays Development Corp. "The Q is so popular throughout."

Colson said she looks forward to the breakfast menu's unveiling.