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Goodland resident scratches for $50,000


Cara Short, 48, Goodland, purchased a $5 Super Red Hot Crossword instant scratch ticket for the first time Thursday and won a $50,000 top prize.

"Thursday night, I bought four tickets, but only one of them was a $5 ticket," she said. "I've never played a $5 game before and never expected to win. After I bought the tickets, I left them in my car and didn't actually scratch them until Friday morning. When I saw I had won $50,000, I thought I had made a mistake scratching it. ... When I called the Lottery office, they confirmed I had won $50,000. I couldn't quit crying."

Winning a $50,000 top prize came at a good time for the Goodland resident. Short, who works five jobs, plans to attend EMT classes in January.

"Now I can pay for my schooling and get out of debt," said Short. "I'm truly thankful for winning such a big prize. The most I've ever won before was $100 about seven years ago. Since I very seldom have extra money to buy lottery tickets, I believe this was meant to be."