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HaysMed announces changes in services


Special to The Hays Daily News

Special to The Hays Daily News

Hays Medical Center announced today it will implement a new skilled-nursing unit that offers short-term care for patients after they have completed their acute phase in the hospital.

Other plans include outsourcing linen services and phasing out the Senior Focused Care and the inpatient rehabilitation unit.

"Hospital and health care are undergoing many changes," said Shae Veach, vice president for regional development. "We have a responsibility to the community to continually examine all our services and focus on those that ensure that HaysMed is strong over the long term."

Linen services, housed in a leased space at the Hadley Center, was at a decision point for purchasing new equipment or trying to maintain older equipment, both of which were cost prohibitive. The move to outsource this service will result in substantial savings for hospital operations while still providing a quality service.

Changes in regulations and reimbursement have resulted in fewer patients qualifying for inpatient rehabilitation treatment. Significant decline in patient numbers are the reason behind the unit closing. Senior Focused Care, also located at a leased area at the Hadley Center, has experienced a decline in census, which led to the decision to close.

Many associates from these three units have transitioned to other departments in the hospital and others will have the opportunity to apply for positions in the new Skilled Care Unit and other available openings.

The Skilled Care Unit, scheduled to open in the next few months, will offer short-term care for patients who are not ready to go home following an acute illness or injury. It is mainly designed for patients who have gone through their hospital acute stay but still need another 10 days to two weeks of care. The plan includes a six-room unit located on the third floor of the hospital.

"HaysMed has an obligation to provide the best health care services to the patients we serve," Veach said. "A part of that duty is to run an efficient hospital and make necessary changes to meet the needs of our patients. HaysMed is making these changes to ensure that health care services not only survive but thrive to support our community into the future."