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Hays woman finds winning ticket





Debbie Ross has been buying 10 Kansas Lottery $2 Bonus Crossword instant scratch tickets every week since the game started several years ago.

Last week, her loyalty to the game paid off.

The first ticket she scratched was a winner. All 10 words were there, winning her a $20,000 prize.

"I just couldn't believe it," Ross said. "I was in shock."

Ross said she kept counting the words just to make sure.

Since Ross only plays the Bonus Crossword, if a store doesn't have them, she'll go somewhere else that does. Her winning ticket was purchased at Dillons, 1902 Vine.

She usually buys her tickets Friday at the end of her work week. Last week, she varied her routine and bought them while at the grocery store Tuesday.

"I took the tickets home, and the first one I scratched won $20,000," she said in a news release.

Through her years of playing the game, she's had a few $100 winners -- but never the big prize.

Thirty percent of the total will go to taxes before Ross receives the rest.

A celebration dinner with her daughter and two grandchildren in Kansas City is in the offing.

She hasn't made any definite plans for the money but might use some to visit her son in San Diego.

Ross, a secretary at Lincoln Elementary School for 23 years, is celebrating her 25th year with the Hays USD 489 district.