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Napoli's closes




Napoli's Italian Restaurant, 2522 Vine, is closed after three years but might return next fall.

"Lately here, the business has not been the greatest," said Tony Nuredini, the restaurant's owner. "It just kinda slowed down for awhile."

The owner will spend an "extended vacation" with family in Italy.

"We're closing, I think what it mostly is, is temporarily. Here maybe in around a year or so we're probably going to come back and try again," he said.

The restaurant's possible location is not yet determined.

"We would like to thank all of our customers for the support they have given to the restaurant. ... I guess we'll see them in about a year," he said.

There was a little effect on business in May when a media outlet inaccurately reported the restaurant had been closed for failing a state health inspection, he said.