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Turnout for Saturday's Overpasses for America rally was about what Sharon McGinness expected.

McGinness, Larned, said there were approximately a half-dozen supporters who braved the wind whipping at them and came and went during the day at the Commerce Parkway overpass by Interstate 70.

"We had a really good response," said McGinness, one of three administrators for the Hays-Larned chapter, which has 23 members and is part of the national grassroots organization.

Saturday's rally called for the impeachment of President Barack Obama. Supporters hung a banner over the side of the overpass which said "Honk to Impeach Obama," and they also held the American flag and another flag that said "Don't tread on me."

"We got a lot of honks, a lot of thumbs-up," McGinness said. "Of course, we did get a few thumbs-down. That's to be expected."

It was the third rally for the group. It was part of a national rally scheduled Saturday.

"I wanted to do something," McGinness said of why she became part of the local chapter, which was formed during the summer. "I feel like we've talked enough. Just sitting there talking to each other, we're just preaching to the choir. We're not getting out there and getting the message out to the rest of the country."

Kathleen Fischer, Hays, was one of those supporters hunkered down in her chair against the wind. She remembers a time when protests were effective.

"I came up in the '60s, and I saw what demonstrations did for voter registration and ending segregation," she said. "I agreed with that. I decided maybe it was time to do something."

Fischer helped form the local tea party group and later become involved in other things as well, including Overpasses for America.

"We are very strong on the Constitution and enforcing the laws we have, instead of rewriting everything," she said. "We have good laws. This is the best country on earth, and we're doing what we're doing because we love it."

The group's next rally is scheduled for Oct. 12.