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KVMA presents Pet of the Year Awards


Special to The Hays Daily News

Special to The Hays Daily News

MANHATTAN -- The Kansas Veterinary Medical Association presented awards to companion, hero and professional pets of the year during the recent June Conference for Veterinarians in Manhattan.

The KVMA companion pet of the year award was presented to Cowboy, owned by Ashleigh Hill of Gem. Cowboy's veterinarian is Dr. Kristy Booker of Oakley.

Posthumous recipients of the KVMA hero pets of the year award were Coco and Yoda, who saved the life of their owner, Christy Bogner of Perry by persistently waking her from sleep when her house caught fire.

Coco and Yoda perished in the flames. The presentation was made to Christy and her daughters, Harleigh and Ellie, by Dr. Davy Harkins of El Dorado.

Donner, a therapy dog in the Lindsborg school system, received a posthumous KVMA professional pet of the year award presented to Jodie Norberg, a Lindsborg special-education teacher.

Donner helped Jodie discover that her son was having seizures at night by entering his room and pawing at the floor. He served as a therapy dog in schools for 11 years before his death on the job.

Arco received a posthumous KVMA professional pet of the year award for service as a drug and tracking and attack dog with the Coffeyville Police Department Arco found $30,000 to $40,000 in drugs in his more than nine years with the department and tracked down a bank robber who had killed an innocent bystander in 2009.

Arco was trained and handled by Darin Daily and his veterinarian and presenter of his award was Dr. Eileen Warner of the Animal Health Center in Coffeyville.