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Sears Hometown Store in Hays continues to seek new local owner





Sears Hometown Store, 2508 Vine, is searching for a permanent owner to operate the franchise.

Dan Norris, a district sales manager with Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores Inc., said the organization seeks an entrepreneur with ties to the community. An individual with business marketing experience is ideal, Norris said.

"We do a lot of national marketing, but a big part of what an owner does is go out there and really hit the football games, hit all the rodeos and get people," Norris said. "Do the smaller marketing things that get people into the stores, and bond with the community."

The ownership contract runs three to five years, Norris said.

Once an owner is approved, they attend training in Chicago for a week to prepare for the position, Norris said. National trainers then visit the store for further guidance, he said. District managers follow-up for consistent training.

"We work with the owners. ... We're here to guide them," Norris said. "We make sure they're maximizing their income. They don't work for us; we work with them."

The hiring process for the owner could take between two months to a year, Norris said. The store will be run by Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores Inc. until an owner is in place, he said.

Norris said the company wants to remain in the community, and he does not know of any plans to move.

Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores became an independent company after Sears Holdings sold it in October 2012.

Interested candidates can find more information at www.searshometownstores.com.