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Messy madness





It was all in fun as the white foam flew Wednesday afternoon at Massey Park in Hays.

Seven participants of the Hays Public Library's summer activity program donned colorful goggles for a shaving cream fight.

Armed with cans of shaving cream, the object of the game was to douse one another with the foamy white substance.

"The library hosts various activities during the summer," said Cathleen Kroeger, children's librarian.

Kroeger suggested the idea after learning about it from the Great Bend library, which hosts a shaving cream fight at their activities' ending party.

"We had something else planned for our ending party, so we decided to have it for a daily party," she said.

Assistant children's librarians Kelsey Butler, Shante Korbe and Angie Aeillo led the activity.

"They had a food fight a few weeks ago, and they really enjoyed that," Butler said.

At the count of three, the shaving cream flew, and it didn't take long for the youngsters to be covered with foam.

Elena Herl, 11, said the shaving cream was cold and sticky.

"It's fun. I have shaving cream inside my goggles," she said as she put on a clean pair.

Later in the game, she and teammates Sage Zweifel and Rylee Burd took time to wipe some of the excess cream from their clothes.

"We look better than them," Elena said of the four boys waiting for them to rejoin the game.

"Time is running out. Make the last squirt count," Korbe said before making the countdown to stop.

After the goggles came off and any shaving cream residue on each face was rinsed off, the water balloon fight began.

Its purpose was to "wash off" the shaving cream.

Sarah Leiker watched her son, Logan, 11, as he took part in the activity.

"It gets the kids out and about and lets them have some fun," Leiker said. "There's something going on every day."