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Holmgren not seeking re-election





Ellis County Commissioner Swede Holmgren has decided not to run as an Independent candidate in the November general election, thus ending his position at the end of his term.

Family was a factor in his decision not to seek re-election. Holmgren is the father of six children and grandfather of soon to be 11 grandchildren.

He appreciated being involved in the area's biggest issues.

"I have really, really enjoyed doing this," Holmgren said. "It helps you keep your finger on what's going on, and you'd like to think you're making a difference, and those things kinds of things."

Getting to know many constituents was another aspect he cherished. It was humbling to hear people's concerns, he said.

Holmgren wants to engage in the statewide discussion about water conservation and visit with the Kansas Legislature and other authorities. He hopes to work toward a water vision for the next five to 10 years.