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Paperwork mistake causes vehicle registration confusion





A misprint on commercial vehicle registration paperwork caused approximately 50 people to believe they had to pay for their vehicle tags earlier than expected.

Jeannine Koranda, public information officer at the Kansas Department of Revenue, said the state mailed a form that did not reflect a special extension that was offered to account for a new vehicle registration system.

Although some tags expired Dec. 31, the deadline to pay for those new tags is Feb. 28.

Kathleen Brenner, motor vehicle administrator for Ellis County, said several dozen people came in because they were confused. Although some commercial tags for heavy trucks and trailers expired Dec. 31, owners will not be ticketed until March 1.

"Technically, the registration expires at that time, but there's a grace period until the end of February," Brenner said.

The state's new payment system for commercial vehicles replaced the property tax or ad-valorem tax with a fee that is collected at the time of registration. This fee is determined by the weight of the commercial vehicles.

More details can be found online at www.truckingks.org.