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Vine construction necessary part of city's maintenance plan


A look at some of the top stories from northwest Kansas in 2013.



The construction on Vine earlier this year was a large project that was part of a long-term plan to maintain city streets.

Renovations started April 1 and concluded Aug. 19 at a cost of $1.1 million, said I.D. Creech, Hays director of public works. The city's share was $654,000, and the Kansas Department of Transportation covered $400,000.

"It's a main trafficway for us and for the state, and it just needed the work," Creech said. "We had the opportunity to get some matching money, and we took it. ... It's not any faster. It's not any wider, none of that.

"It's just maintaining what would be the backbone of the city's transportation system north-south."

The pavement and the concrete underneath were replaced because the 50-year-old road base was failing and wearing on the asphalt.

The work was the second phase of updates to the street, and future renovations will continue south.

"It's our connection to the world, and it gets us up to the Interstate. So we try to maintain that road as best we can," he said.

The construction stretched half a mile from 13th to 22nd. Traffic was limited to one lane in both directions, and drivers could not turn left.

City officials reached out to the affected businesses to reduce any negative effect they experienced.

Michael Smith, Wendy's general manager at 1408 Vine, said he noticed a decrease in sales during the process. The entrance to Wendy's parking lot was closed during part of the roadwork and posed an obstacle to customers.

"They did say it was kind of inconvenient, but the ones that generally ate here were very happy to do so," Smith said.

"They were happy to go through all the construction to get here."

Creech said Vine was just one project on the priority list.

A consultant used new technology to survey local roads in 2010 to test their integrity. The survey produced a ranked list of streets requiring attention.