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August a hit-and-miss rainfall pattern





Mother Nature is back to her old tricks, skipping through much of northwest Kansas without leaving much beneficial rainfall.

At least that was the case in August, when 1.64 inches of rain fell at the Kansas State University Agricultural Research Center at the south edge of Hays. Normal would be 2.97 inches.

With the paltry rainfall in August and July, Hays once again is operating at a deficit. So far this year, 17.57 inches of precipitation has been recorded, but that's 1.14 inches below normal.

Measurable rain was recorded 12 times in August, but the biggest happened to be a pair of rains measuring 0.31 of an inch on both Aug. 8 and 10.

Colby received nearly double what Hays received, according to data maintained at the Northwest Research-Extension Center. They received 3.48 inches of moisture, much of that coming in one rain Aug. 10.

Still, evaporation for the month stood at 10.95 inches.

Not everyone in northwest Kansas, however, came up on the short end of the rainfall stick.

There were more than 20 locations receiving more than 5 inches of rain in August, according to the online CoCoRaHS reporting system. West of Ellis, where rainfall was abundant in July, there was at least one report of 4.99 inches.

The biggest amount -- 8.8 inches -- fell northwest of Stockton. Two locations northwest of Lebanon had nearly 8 inches.

In addition to the rainfall, or the lack of it depending on where you were standing, it was a relatively warm month.

The monthly average maximum temperature at the research center at Hays stood at 93.1 degrees. That's a full 2.1 degrees warmer than normal.

The average low temperature was right on par with the long-term average, moderating the mean slightly. As it turned out, the mean temperature in Hays in August stood at 78.6 degrees, a single degree warmer than normal.

While the temperature hit 100 degrees or higher only four times in August, there were 19 days when temperatures were 90 degrees or higher.

No new records were broken in August.

Some of the top rainfall reports in August:

Total Location precip.

Stockton 10.4WNW 8.8

Lebanon 7.2NW 8.48

Lebanon 0.2WNW 7.99

Morland 1.0SW 7.65

Lenora 0.3SE 6.67

Hill City 13N 6.37

Smith Center 0.2NNW 6.28

St. Francis 8.6NNE 6.2

Osborne 0.4E 6.2

Damar 1.4NNW 6.13

Russell 5.8SSE 6.04

Bison 2.9NW 5.95

Smith Center 0.2ENE 5.95

Phillipsburg 5.7E 5.92

Dorrance 6.1S 5.78

Dorrance 9.5SSW 5.69

Utica 0.0E 5.58

Penokee 1.0N 5.28

La Crosse 0.3ESE 5.17

Ness City 4.3NNE 5.12

La Crosse 0.5E 5.09

Ellis 5.1W 4.99