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County gets only two bids





Bids for remodeling were opened Tuesday afternoon at the site of the new county administrative building at 718 Main.

There were two bidders -- Commercial Builders and Paul-Wertenberger Construction, both of Hays. Commercial Builders submitted a base bid of $944,000, while Paul-Wertenberger's base bid was $995,000. Each bidder also submitted bids on six alternates. Commercial Builders had in its bid 180 days to complete work, while Paul-Wertenberger's was 210 days.

Now, the county will work with the two bidders and the architect, Spangenberg Phillips Tice.

"I think we need to figure out what we can afford, and what we can't afford," said Ellis County Administrator Greg Sund. "Maybe ask the bidders for more information."

Sund said the six alternates -- ranging from a generator to a glass wall to a security grill for the treasurer's office -- all could be included in the final project, or none of them.

Sund would have liked to have more bidders on the project.

"It would have been nice to get more bidders show up," he said. "It's always good to have several."

Sund said it was too early to say when the company chosen for the project will be announced.

"I think we have some more work to do now," he said.

Bids were scheduled to be opened this afternoon for construction of the new EMS/rural fire building.