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Brownback expands schedule in Hays





Wednesday's schedule for Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback now includes more than the ceremonial signing of a bill designating two state fossils.

He also will meet privately with Fort Hays State University President Ed Hammond and members of his staff before conducting a press conference to talk about funding for higher education.

Brownback is scheduled to sign the state fossil bill at approximately 3:15 p.m. Wednesday in the lobby of Sternberg Museum of Natural History.

Shortly after the ceremonial signing, Brownback is expected to take a brief tour of the museum, including taking a look at displays featuring the two fossils.

The Tylosaurus is now the marine fossil for Kansas, while the Pteranodon is the state's flying fossil. Both initially were discovered in the chalk of northwest Kansas.

Brownback signed the bill into law earlier this month, shortly after its passage by the Kansas Legislature. The fossil bill was among 10 bills signed into law.

While Brownback's schedule was expected to be tight, he's now making a cross-town trip to FHSU, for the meeting with Hammond.

After that meeting, Brownback will conduct a news conference in Dreiling Lobby of Sheridan Hall to talk about funding for higher education.

That news conference is expected to start at approximately 4:30 p.m.