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USD 489 addresses class size projections


A release from Hays USD 489 administration:

As USD 489 continues to plan for the 2014-15 school year, the administration would like to address questions and concerns parents may have. Difficult decisions were recently made to meet budget reductions as the district plans for the next school year. These reductions have affected staffing in some areas, including classroom and specials (art, music and library) teachers. During the decision making process for reducing teachers, the choices made were based on grade levels and sections of subjects with lower enrollments, district-wide. Some class sizes will increase, but on average, elementary classes will have 22 students, middle school classes will have 25 students, and high school classes will have 23 students. Parents of elementary students, whom will be directly impacted by larger class sizes next year, are being notified by their schools over the next week. USD 489 would like to assure parents that their student’s time spent with specials teachers, at the elementary level, will not be reduced. Elementary students will still receive the same amount of quality time enriching their educational experience with art, music and library. At present, USD 489 has not eliminated any programs, but cutbacks in some programs will be experienced. The district’s focus still remains to provide the best education for our students, even during these challenging times for education in Kansas.