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Court upholds Gove Co. murder conviction


Special to The Hays Daily News

Special to The Hays Daily News

The Kansas Supreme Court on Friday affirmed the conviction of a Gove County man for murdering his father.

In a unanimous decision, the court rejected David A. Stevenson’s

contention that a prosecutor erred in using a "Wheel of Fortune" analogy

while questioning jurors about reasonable doubt, although the court

discouraged the use of such illustrations. The court also found no

reversible error in the way the jury was instructed.

Stevenson, 66, was convicted of first-degree murder in

connection with the March 13, 2008, death of his father, Walter, who was

found crushed by a hydraulic truck bed.

The state presented evidence that Walter had been incapacitated by blows to

his head before he was crushed. Prosecutors argued that Stevenson

murdered his father to gain control over the family farm and money in a

family trust.