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Station plans get OK





The Ellis County Commission approved the architect's plans for the construction of a new EMS/rural fire station at Monday's special meeting in the Ellis County Courthouse.

Commissioners accepted changes to the design, but one significant decision has yet to be made.

Originally, the architect for the renovation of the Ellis County Courthouse thought the generator for that building would be inadequate, so it would be used instead at the EMS/rural fire building. However, the architect now has said that generator might be usable at the courthouse. If that's the case, then the EMS/rural fire building will have to have a new generator.

The budget for construction costs is $3.5 million for the EMS/rural fire building. When bids were opened the first time in December, all were well over budget and rejected.

Commissioners also discussed putting in the infrastructure for an added door, if it is needed in the future. Chairwoman Barbara Wasinger said she had no problem doing that, but it was time to get the plans finalized. If not, add-ons will continue to be requested, she said.

Brad Teeter of Spangenberg Phillips Tice Architecture told commissioners if the generator issue could be resolved in the next few days, then the project could go out for bid later this month and bids opened perhaps by June 11.

"We want to make sure we're headed in the right direction," Teeter said.

Commissioner Swede Holmgren was not in attendance.