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Law enforcement makes arrests in cases




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There have been developments in three recent crimes in the area, according to Ellis County Attorney Tom Drees.

• Two people are being held under a probable cause affidavit for suspicion of allegedly stealing mail in seven incidents. Heather Page-Hilton, 36, and Jeremy Tryon, 32, both of 326 W. 11th in Hays, appeared before Judge Richard Flax on the suspicions. 

They have not been charged yet, and charges for felony theft can be filed until Jan. 4.  Both are being held in lieu of a $40,000 bond.

• Four people from Sedgwick County were arrested Monday for allegedly attempting to distribute methamphetamine. Kenneth August Smith, 21, Dylan Joseph Martin, 24, Quentin James Reynolds, 24, and Chelsea Renee Cox, 24, are being held in lieu of a $50,000 bond. They have not been charged, and prosecutors have until Jan. 4 to file charges. Other charges might be pending. 

• Michael Lejon Hawkins pleaded Dec. 13 to a count of counterfeiting, a Class A misdemeanor, and his prison sentence will be extended six months. Hawkins pled to passing a $10 counterfeit bill Oct. 21 at Love’s Country Store in Hays.

Sarah Lynn Leiker, 24, pleaded Dec. 20 to counterfeiting, a Level 7 non-person felony. Leiker pled to using four $20 bills Oct. 12 at Hastings Entertainment in Hays, five $5 bills and two $20 bills Oct. 21 at Hastings, a $20 and $10 bill Oct. 21 at Sonic Drive-In and a $20 bill Oct. 21 at Dillons in Hays. She also pleaded to a count of drug paraphernalia, a Class A misdemeanor.  

Guidelines suggest Leiker might get 24 months probation. Her sentencing is set for Jan. 13.