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Move a big deal for store





Diamond R Jewelry Corp. in Hays is moving only a few blocks, but its new store represents a significant step forward.  

The retailer will leave 1008 Main and reopen in October at 807 Main. With approximately twice as much room at the new site, the business can grow into the extra space.

Three new lines will be showcased at the new location. The extra storage also allows the business' online presence to expand.  

Dustin Roths, owner, said his shop's low overhead costs and business structure enables him to offer good deals on rings, watches, necklaces, pearls and other products.

"Most of the people that come in here to look for engagement rings end up buying one from us because they see the pricing is so much more competitive," he said. "They can get a designer ring for the same price as the other guys are just selling something that isn't designer."

Diamond R Jewelry's downtown setting has helped raise the company's profile among potential customers.

"It's been huge for us to have art walks and some of the downtown Hays stuff like Wines & Steins and Core2Campus and things like that where we'll have a ton of people that are engagement ring-age or older people that have possibly thought of upgrading their wedding set or something like that," Roths said.  

Traci Stanford, executive director for Downtown Hays Development Corp., said she is encouraged by the downtown business' growth. The development reflects the district's successful retail environment and that local companies are choosing to continue their investments in the community.

"I think it's exciting to see them expand," she said. "They started out in a small area downtown and moved to a larger area where they're at now. And now they're expanding again."

The store will host a grand opening from Oct. 23 to 25 after it opens earlier in the month.