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Private wells now must follow city rules


By The Hays Daily News

The city of Hays has been given the OK to extend provisions of the city’s water conservation plan to private wells.

That power was handed down today to the city by the Division of Water Resources, a move that already has been done in both Ellis and Salina.

As a result, all private wells within the city limits must comply with water conservation measures approved by the city of Hays.

One of the biggest changes will mean people using city water as well as those with their own wells no longer will be able to water outdoors between 10 a.m. and 9 a.m.

The Hays Police Department is able to issue citations to anyone violating the rules.

Hays Assistant City Manager Paul Briseno said the change is effective immediately.

In addition to the ban on outside watering, it’s also illegal to let irrigation water run off from private property.

For more details, read Friday’s Hays Daily News.