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Truck wash can hook up local anglers searching for live bait


By Amy Bickel

The Hutchinson News

Sadly, the Kansas fishing season has been going strong for a while, and I have yet to go out.

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By Amy Bickel

The Hutchinson News

Sadly, the Kansas fishing season has been going strong for a while, and I have yet to go out.

Life, it seems, is excessively busy with two 7-year-old girls and a 2-year-old.

That will change this Father's Day weekend, however, when my family finally puts our boat out on the water. We'll be fishing some of our favorite spots at Milford Reservoir.

But where to get bait these days? That brings me to our first question of the week.

Q: Are there any bait shops in Hutch? The one on East Fourth that use to be Oliver's seems to be closed and the one in South Hutch seems to be closed, also.

Sadly, you are right. Both of those longtime shops are closed.

After sleuthing for a while, I called Mac's Burger's and Shakes, the old Oliver's business on Fourth Avenue, to see what they knew.

They are referring all anglers to Four Seasons Bait, 1701 E. Blanchard Ave., in Hutchinson -- the same location of Four Seasons Truck Wash.

It's basically right by the trailer park at the K-61 and U.S. 50 junction, said Ron House, with the company.

They've been open about a month an a half, he said, helping serve a need in the area.

"We are the only one here in town," House said, adding that the closed bait shops "were the main reason we opened up.

"There are a lot of us that fish, and we wanted live bait," he said.

The business is owned by Danny Benewiat, he said. It offers a variety of live baits, including minnows, gold fish, perch, as well as shad sides and turkey liver, chicken liver, and some dough baits.

The business is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 7 to 3:30 p.m. Saturday.

And, of course, you can get a truck, trailer, mobile home or something else washed at the location, too, he added.

Q: We have two freeways, the Woodie Seat & the Ken Kennedy. I've lived here 26 years & I still have no idea who these men are or were.

We've answered both questions before, but it has been a while. Here's what I found in our archives.

Woodie Seat was a Hutchinson city commissioner in 1961 and 1962, serving as mayor in 1962.

He died in May 1962, at 54, after being diagnosed with cancer only four months prior.

Seat was born in Grandview, Mo., but moved to Hutchinson in 1947 to organize the Line Construction Co., which in the 1960s was considered one of the leading outdoor electrical contractors in Kansas.

After Seat received the fatal diagnosis but before his passing, the City Commission renamed the former Jefferson Street Viaduct to "Woodie Seat Freeway" in honor of Seat's contributions to the commission.

Seat made his last public appearance a month before his death, when, in a wheelchair, he attended an "emotion-packed" commission meeting and relinquished his mayoral duties to his successor, H.W. Thiessen.

A later article in The News reported Seat died at his apartment in the Landmark Hotel after being in a coma for a week. By his side were his sister, his secretary and the foreman of his construction company.

As for Ken Kennedy, according to our archives again, as well as information on the Kansas Law Enforcement Officers website, Kennedy and Sgt. Michael J. Coldren were undercover trying to make a purchase of alcoholic beverages at a location suspected to be bootlegging and operating illegal gambling devices. After making the purchase, the two identified themselves and attempted to make the arrest of Elmo Anderson. The suspect's girlfriend, a Mrs. Jobe, opened fire. Kennedy was shot in the chest and back and was killed. Coldren, shot in the face, lived.

The woman was eventually convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to prison. K-61 is called Ken Kennedy Freeway in honor of him.

Q: Is there a place in Hutch that recycles VHS tapes? Thanks.

There isn't anywhere that I found. I called Stutzman Refuse Disposal and Dustin Kalp, the district manager said he doesn't know anyone around that recycles old VHS tapes.

"I don't know anyone in our immediate area," he said, noting it comes down to the different plastics and film that makes up the tapes.

For now, I guess, the best place, unless you have a VHS player, is the trash.

Meanwhile, a question I answered a few weeks ago on Tim Huelskamp's telephone town hall meetings brought a few emails. The question asker said he had problems disconnecting from the meetings. However, the few emails I received told me they were able to disconnect with no issue.

And, lastly, with Kayla Regan's leaving, I'd like to welcome my new Ask Hutch cohort, Kathy Hanks. She'll start answering your questions next week.

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