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Calvery's latest recording ready to roll





A mix of rock 'n' roll and a touch of country, Fulton Calvery's new EP "Silvertone" is set for release Monday.

Calvery, who grew up in Hays, has lived in Wichita since 1991. As a member of Hays' local rock bands, Submytion, Blind Date and Blubird, Calvery was known throughout western Kansas for his guitar playing, song writing and live performances.

Contributing to Silvertone are Hays musicians Dave and Kristi Gray and former Hays resident Terry Wright, now of Kansas City.

Having heard Kristi Gray perform with her band, Shades of Gray, Calvery thought she would be a good fit to perform his song "L-O-V-E."

"When I wrote that song, I thought she could sing it really well, so I wanted to have both of them (Kristi and Dave Gray) on the EP," Calvery said. "He does a guitar solo and she sings, and they did a really good job."

Calvery provides most of the instrumental music for the EP. Wright provides vocals on two selections.

The release is available at fultoncalverymusic.com, iTunes, Amazon.com and at Spotify.com.

A computer analyst, Calvery has valued music as an outlet throughout his lifetime, and although he no longer performs with a band, music composition has remained his means of self-expression.

"I've continued to write music and continued to play music, so this is my avenue to keep that passion alive and to get that out," Calvery said. "I do want to share it with people and not just play it for myself and for a few people who come over.

"That's really the main purpose of it, to keep that creative flow going and keep it in front of people who still appreciate that style of music."