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Police investigate string of bad checks





With 25 bad checks already in hand, Hays Police are investigating a string of worthless checks that could continue to grow.

Reported Thursday, the first round of checks primarily were written at both Casey's General Store locations in Hays, according to Assistant Police Chief Brian Dawson.

Checks also were written to both Dillon's locations, and are expected to reach into locations in La Crosse, Great Bend and Ellinwood, he said. Investigator Jeffrey Ridgway is working the case, and is trying to find out how many checks might have been passed.

Early indications suggest the checks were passed between May 26 and June 8, with daily visits to both Casey's locations and multiple visits to Dillon's.

The checks were used to pay for fuel, and then receive cash back.

Police were notified when the checks were returned to both Casey's and Dillon's from their banks after the checks were deemed insufficient.

Ridgway said as many as 42 checks might be involved, but he's checking to make sure everything is accounted for.

One person is cooperating in the investigation, but Dawson said there's the potential for a second suspect being involved.

The investigation is ongoing.