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Public Record, Aug. 30, 2013


Hays Police Dept.

Hays Police Dept.


Six animal calls

22 traffic stops

Drug offenses, 100 block East Sixth

Intoxicated subject, 500 block West 19th

Disorderly conduct, 400 block West 20th

Abuse of child, 500 block Main

Telephone harassment, 2700 block Vine

Disturbance/noise, 300 block East 23rd

Shoplifting, 4300 block Vine

Trash dumping, 100 block East 15th

Credit card violations, 1000 block Reservation Road

Welfare check, 300 block East 25th

Abandoned vehicle, 300 block East 25th

Water use violation, 100 block West 21st

Abandoned vehicle, 2400 block Main

Civil dispute, 500 block West 19th

Disorderly conduct, 500 block West 19th

Transient aide, Hays

Theft, 1900 block Vine

Theft, 2700 block Hall

Water use violation, 2500 block East 13th

Driving while suspended/revoked, 13th and Allen

Ellis County Sheriff


Motor vehicle accident/personal injury, Ellis County

Miscellaneous investigation, Hays

Stray livestock, Ellis

Suspicious person, 1700 block West 52nd

Suspicious activity, 900 block Catharine Road