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Weather ideal for flies to multiply


By The Hays Daily News

By The Hays Daily News

They're the ultimate picnic pest, and changes in the weather have several types of flies buzzing more than usual, said J.P. Michaud, an associate professor of entomology at Kansas State University Agricultural Research Center in Hays.

The insects tend to be more active when there is rain or high humidity levels, he said.

"When it's hot and dry, that really affects their activity. They dry out really fast," Michaud said. "Once you have rain and a higher humidity, you have a greater potential for mobility in flies, so they can be more active and fly farther."

The bugs also are attracted to food, so eating and drinking outside tends to draw the pests in greater numbers. The bugs also particularly like the smell of alcohol, as their natural food source is rotting fruit, he said.

To help reduce the number of flies near their homes, residents should be sure their trash receptacles are clean and secured tightly.

Rotten garbage is an ideal breeding ground for flies, he said.