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FHSU students hope to continue leadership


Special to The Hays Daily News

Special to The Hays Daily News

Fort Hays State University student Christopher Roberts once again is campaigning for the FHSU Student Government Association presidential seat. Roberts, a junior and justice studies major, will be seeking re-election with running mate Arin Powers, also a junior and business management major.

Roberts previously has served as the SGA Legislative Affairs director, organizing events such as the Big Event and Higher Education Day at the Capitol in Topeka.

Roberts serves as the Student Government Association president and the chairman of the Students’ Advisory Committee, which is comprised of all the student body presidents of public institutions in the state of Kansas.

The committee serves as a group of advocates to the Kansas Board of Regents and other entities for the pursuits and interests of students. This year, Roberts also was appointed to the presidential search committee to help find the next FHSU president.

Powers has served on the Service-Learning Committee, Allocations Committee, Student Steering Committee for the search for the new FHSU president, Division of Student Affairs Committee, and as the chairwoman of SGA Student Affairs Committee.

Powers has represented FHSU through her participation in Higher Education Day and Tiger Day on the Hill in Topeka, and was selected to the Allocations Committee by her peers. Powers also has worked with the SGA Student Affairs committee to successfully extend Forsyth Library hours and create the FHSU Honor Code.

The Roberts/Powers platform includes many different issues that include: efficient use of student funds, implementation of a Virtual College Senate, simplified allocations funding, and continued safety for students. Also, general education reform will be a top priority of the administration.

General education is not just an introduction to the university, but should be designed to teach skills that translate into students’ adult lives.


Roberts and Powers will engage the student, faculty and business community in a variety of ways to drive change.  

For more information, visit their website at www.robertspowers.webs.com.