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Rodeo changes dress code





Organizers of the Thomas County Rodeo Queen and Princess Pageant are hoping to attract participants for this year's competition.

Set for July 26, the pageant includes a riding competition in the morning, with modeling, speeches and interviews in the afternoon.

Pageant organizers Sally Jones and daughter, Ashley Moser, said clothing requirements have changed for this year's competition.

"No more fancy leather dresses," Moser said. "It's more of a Western party outfit, with lots of accessories.

"In the past, it was fancy leather dresses, and it got to be way too costly for families. So now almost all of the pageants, including state and Miss Rodeo America pageants, have gone to these rules this year."

Moser, a former pageant participant, said she benefited from her own pageant days.

"I was very nervous, but it really was a good learning experience for me," she said.

Deadline to sign up for the pageant is Friday. Prizes for the rodeo queen include a saddle, belt buckle and crown. The rodeo princess will win a belt buckle, crown and other prizes.

More information about the event is available at www.thomascountyrodeopageant.com.