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Treasurer announces unclaimed local assets





The Kansas State Treasurer's Office has listed the top 10 unclaimed assets for the city of Hays and Ellis County.

"One of the things we do in the treasurer's office is help return unclaimed property to folks," State Treasurer Ron Estes said.

"It could be anything from a check that gets lost in the mail, could be a refund on insurance, could be safe deposit box or bank account that maybe your parents had, (you) didn't know about when they passed away.

"By law, all those businesses can't keep your money; they have to turn it over to us. We try to track folks down, give them their money back."

The treasurer's office first started attempting to match people with unclaimed assets in 1979. Estes said there is more than $268 million in unclaimed assets held by the treasurer's office. Businesses can hold the assets for five years before turning them over.

"We get about $20 million returned each year, but we actually get about $30 million of new money coming in," he said. "It's a never-ending cycle."

People can search their name to make a claim at www.kansascash.com, or they can call (800) 432-0386.

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Ellis County Top 10

(People and businesses with unclaimed assets)

1. Joseph Knoll, Ellis

2. Ralph Meyer, Hays

3. Texakko Drilling Inc., Hays

4. Robert E. & Anthony E. Eller, Ellis

5. Gwen J. Mcentyre, Hays

6. Bill Draper, Hays

7. Kenneth F. Beilman, Hays

8. Gottschalk Farms Enterprises Inc., Ellis

9. Max F. Fuller, Ellis

10. Marjorie E. Wann, Hays

City of Hays Top 10

(People and businesses with unclaimed assets)

1. Ralph Meyer

2. Texakko Drilling Inc.

3. Gwen J. Mcentyre

4. Bill Draper

5. Kenneth F. Beilman

6. Marjorie E. Wann

7. Phyllis Powell

8. Samuel Richards

9. Raymond D. Howell

10. Gene F. Anderson