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McCracken water levels staying stable, but low


McCRACKEN -- Bill Greenway continues to hold out hope for winter moisture, much as he had hoped there might be some rain after the city of McCracken declared a water emergency.

Water levels are fairly stable, said Greenway, mayor of the Rush County community. But McCracken also missed out on heavy rains that fell in late July and early August.

"It's still pretty dry down here," he said.

Greenway said McCracken continues to work with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to see if it's even possible to get a loan from them to look into the possibility of drilling another well.

McCracken has two wells, one of which is shallow and suffering the most as a result of the ongoing drought. Its second well taps into the Dakota Aquifer, an unpredictable source of water in both quantity and quality.

Drilling another well into the Dakota could cost as much as $75,000, McCracken council members were told this summer.

McCracken's water woes forced the city to close its swimming pool and prompted a ban outside watering.

-- Mike Corn, HDN